How much to tip the pizza guy?

Sounds like a strange topic to cover for a financial planning firm, but hey, MFP is all about tackling the real tough money questions! Plan for retirement they say…yea yea yea we know, but who has provided you any advice to avoid looking like a cheap skate while you fumble through crinkled bills with the pizza guy standing on your porch?

In search of an answer, we went to the one place you can always rely on….I asked my mom. Her honest response: they hardly tip because they usually do pick up, thus avoiding any delivery charge as well. A few bucks would typically do the trick though.

OK, so let’s ask an expert. I know a guy who used to be a delivery driver, and he was adamant that 20% was the proper amount to tip. His reasoning is that the majority of drivers are usually driving their own cars and even paying for their own gas. True, because outside of the large chain shops, the local joints aren’t providing a company car; we’ve even seen someone using the family van to make their stops (the kids were already at soccer practice).

While you may be thinking that 20% is high for an order that may barely cost $20.00 consider this: the suggested tip at a restaurant is 18%, and that waiter/waitress isn’t driving between tables, burning through gas and beating up their car along the way. Only giving two bucks on your large, Super Bowl party size order doesn’t cut it, nor does letting the guy keep the change when that literally means only change.

When you think about it, 20% is more than justified. After all, who knows how much Febreze it takes to remove the lingering smell of cheesesteaks and French fries from a Civic’s cloth upholstery.

Keep the change, Cheers, @planwithmfp

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“When you think about it, 20% is more than justified.”