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plant more nature: a fundraising initiative created by millennial financial planning. designed to plant nature in cities; proceeds of merchandise are reinvested into employment and planting nature. trees are a vital carbon sequestration tool and by planting them in cities we can improve air quality, promote active lifestyles, and help build a defense to a warming climate. 


trees improve life.


  • remove pollutants and particulates from the air

  • improves stormwater drainage by decreasing flooding



  • reduces heart attacks and strokes

  • cleaner air: lessens asthma and related symptoms


  • promotes outdoor and physical activities

  • enhances community respect and social cohesion


  • acts as natural filter for cleaner drinking water

  • provides cooling shade


mental health.

  • can improve recovery rates and reduce hospital times

  • increases attention level in children


  • supports crime reduction

  • improves mood and energy

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