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Donni F.

circa 2017


how do you feel to be a part of the millennial generation?


"it is absolutely awesome to be part of the millennial generation. it is an emerging, dynamic group of people with a primary focus on individuality and innovation. the cornerstone of human development is having a fundamental understanding that the foundation in which progression occurs is based on collaborative human interaction. millennials understand this, and incorporate networking and relationship building into everything that they do. with the unlimited amount of information and people we have access to, we will never limit ourselves to anything. millennials are leading the way!”



what are some of your good habits or struggles around money?


“money is an art that actually requires a lot of research and understanding. once I became a Realtor, i began to look at money differently. it is important to invest your money. i was once a consumer, but now i am all about saving and putting money back into my business.”


is there a passion you are pursuing, or long-term goal to achieve (financial or otherwise)?


“my goal is to become the number one top producing agent in the country. i have sub-goals that come with the territory as well. i am extremely competitive, and I like to challenge myself to outperform the person i was on the previous day.”

i was once a consumer but now i am all about saving.

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