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Emily H.

circa 2017




how do you feel to be a part of the millennial generation?


“i feel so fortunate to be part of the millennial generation, i cannot imagine a world without the internet, social media, and texting. growing up with technology since birth makes millennials incredibly tech savvy, and therefore very adaptable to change. i am proud to be a millennial because we are passionate and want to make a difference. millennials get a bad reputation for being dreamers, feeling entitled, and having “unrealistic expectations”, but maybe that is because we are raising the standard. i relate to most millennials in that i am more interested in work life balance than in monetary compensation. i am fortunate to work for myself, and i honestly would not have it any other way.”


what are some of your common habits or struggles around money?


“one habit my parents taught me is to live within your means. too many people live paycheck to paycheck and more than half of Americans are in debt. some debt is necessary; i have student loans for example, because it was an investment in myself. however, I wouldn’t take on credit card debt, buying a luxury car, or taking a lavish vacation if I didn’t have money in the bank to pay for it.”


any other topics you would like to discuss or express (business, personal, etc)?

“since starting my own business, E. Harris Marketing.  i have had so many people that come up to me and say “i wish i could do what you’re doing, i have always wanted to be an entrepreneur”.  in response, i say “why not?”  there is never going to be a perfect time to start a company, you have to decide how badly you want it. i kept going back and forth trying to decide if i wanted to start a business, but realized i will never be this young and hungry:  i’m not married,  i have no kids, and no house. i had very little to lose, but everything to gain. if I decide to switch gears, a corporate job will always be waiting there for me, but if i didn’t try to open my business i would always regret the unknown.”

optimism is about positive thinking.

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