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Erica C.

circa 2017




how do you feel to be a part of the millennial generation?


“i never really gave it much thought until people from other generations started bashing us. we were being called irresponsible, among other things, and i realized that i didn’t fall under those labels. i always knew what i wanted to do and accomplish.”



why did you choose your profession, and what separates you from the crowd?


“ever since i can remember, i wanted to teach. i remember telling my Dad one day after kindergarten—i want to do what my teacher does. i always wanted to help people and thought teaching was a great way to do that. what separates me is that I cannot imagine leaving the classroom. most people will take those opportunities to move up the ladder, or into administration, but i cannot see myself doing that. i feel that i accomplish the most by being in the classroom, and i think i will always just teach.”


what are some of your good habits or struggles around money?


“i would like to save more. whenever i end up with extra money i typically spend it. i may go out to dinner more often than i should, i know i could be saving more. One struggle I have is to pay off my credit cards—for good.”

I want to pay off all of my student loans.

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