We believe wealth is a state of mind,
Not a number in a bank account

Through our platform, we provide various account types & portfolios utilizing cost effective ETFs. With no account minimum requirements, you can leverage MFP's personalized planning-strategies through our selected institutions.

Management Program – Fixed Fees

$0 – $250,000……1.00%

$250,001 – $500,000….0.90%

$500,001 – $1 million…0.80%

$1 million and over……0.70%

Impact Investing (I-squared): Put your investments to work for you and the greater good. Impact investing portfolios focus on ETFs of companies with environmental, social, and governance consciences.

Traditional and Roth IRAs: Plan for retirement with or without an employer sponsored plan. Let us help you choose if a tax-deferred or tax-free account is right for you.

Transfers and Rollovers: Move over that old 401k, IRA, or other investment account and get them under one roof along with our advice for all your financial matters.

General Investment Account: Strive towards your goals for everything else. Invest for the short or longterm for your other needs and wishes.