Derrick Kennington – The Next Element Academy

How do you feel to be part of the Millennial Generation?

“I think that it is a great thing for America and the financial growth of America. The reason I believe this is because business owners or entrepreneurs in this generation are motivated to do something to change their life instead of having a small boutique in a small town. This generation has the ability and drive to make that small boutique on the corner a booming thriving business because of the internet and social media. The connections made, just on social media alone, have changed the outlook of many young entrepreneurs.”

Why did you choose your profession—and what crowd?

“I don’t think I choose my profession, I feel way. I feel like somehow God had a plan for me very young. He struggles and life changes throughout my life to lead me to the thought I would ever have my own martial arts academy was able to do in the military. I am grateful to have be high level for sometime and learn from those lessons. Now, lessons I learned through my struggle and growth so that my st struggle as much or be successful beyond measure.”

What are some of your common habits or struggles around money?

“Eating out. I love food and I love trying new food.”

What are your other daily obstacles?

“I deal with constant back pain. I have for 15 years. Every morning is a chore to bend over or if I even have a cough so I try to do something about it with Yoga and meditation in the mornings. Being in a profession where your body and mind is your tool for generating profit, I must take care of that tool and keep it sharp. It’s a struggle to tell myself to do it everyday but I try my best to make it a morning routine and it is a task. It is helping slowly.”

Is there a passion you are pursuing or long term goal to achieve—financial or otherwise?

“My passion is to change lives and give others the power to fight back in any situation. I definitely have a long term goal of one day owning 3 locations after I reach 300 members in one location.”

"Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can and will change your life. You just have to get out of your comfort zone and try it, no matter where or who with. Join an academy and learn to protect yourself and others. Get in shape at the same time. Stop waiting for the right time, there isn’t one. Stop telling yourself tomorrow, do it today! Thank you somuch for the questions and if you are ever in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and want to train or learn, visit me at The Next Element Academy."

“I feel like somehow God had a plan for me very young. He put me through some struggles and life changes throughout my life to lead me to the path that I am on.”