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Steven S. & Bill J.

circa 2016



how do you feel to be a part of the millennial generation?


Steve: “i feel fine about it, millennials definitely get a stigma, of which some may be true. there are a lot of millennials making huge changes in our world both socially and economically. learning and doing things differently from our “elders” is the major reason these changes are happening.”


Bill:“i feel as though the millennial generation gets a bad rap. not all millennials are lazy and/or don’t want to own anything etc. although i may be an exception to the rule, i purchased my first home at 24, i own two businesses, and i am anything but lazy when it comes to hard work.”



why did you choose your profession, and what separates you from the crowd?


Bill: “during a 4 month layoff from my “safe” government job in my early 20’s. i decided to give some real thought to what i wanted to do for a living. i always had a love of physique sports and enjoyed giving friends workout advice so i decided to look into doing it professionally. i took a job behind the front desk at a gym and in less than a year was running the place. i think finding your niche makes “work” very different. although I have put in some long hours building this business i feel like i haven’t really “worked” in years.”


Steve: “i chose my profession from a place of extreme personal experiences. i was very unhappy and insecure about my body growing up and so when i got into the gym and started making changes and my world changed. i loved having the power to enforce change not only to my body but my life. i knew i wanted to give that same feeling to others.”

"find your life’s mission and pursue it like your life depends on it.

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