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Tyreek H.

circa 2016



how do you feel to be a part of the millennial generation?


“i feel proud to be a part of the millennial generation. i never gave it much thought but although we may be labeled as the lost generation or other things, we have an endless flame that doesn’t decease. there are many of us that are ambitious, curious, and have the courage to try new things or ventures — no matter if there is a safety net to catch us or not. In my eyes, that is the beauty of millennials. we persevere from initial thought to planned action, with or without guidance, we figure it out.”



why did you choose your profession, and what separates you from the crowd?


initially, i wanted to pursue a career as an athletic trainer. however, after gaining much insight into the career from field experience, i realized it was not for me. in that moment, i made a switch to technology. technology has always been something that i naturally comprehended, so it was a smooth transition to me, even while having to take 18 credits for 3 semesters to complete the program upon changing majors.


what separates me from the crowd is that i have many transferable skills that aide in increasing my technical skill performance. in addition, i have a psychology background, which allows me to comprehend the language and terms of professionals from other fields, whether being marketing, science, engineering, etc. i then translate it into IT language for myself as well as for colleagues. this helps by making processes clear, concise, and condense.


what are some of your common habits or struggles around money?


“i would ultimately like to save a lot more to build capital funds for future business ventures. however, i would like to capitalize on savings by diversifying my portfolio. i recently established my first business, IWake LLC where paying for IT maintenance and services seem to be the biggest struggle.”

"financial freedom is time freedom"

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