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  • what's a RIA?
    a registered investment advisor is a person or firm that is engaged in the business of providing investment advice to others or issuing reports or analyses regarding securities for compensation. investment advisors generally must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities authorities. informational purposes only.
  • how long has mfp. been in business?
    est. 2016
  • how does mfp. get paid?
    mfp. is fee only, we do not receive commissions directly or indirectly. we collect fees in two ways. planning fee: $420 ($35 a month) assets under management: 1.00% under $250,000 0.09% $250, 001 - $500, 000 0.08% $500,001 - $1million 0.07% $1,000,001
  • why $35 a month?
    generally, RIA's are reserved for high net worth individuals. informational purposes only.
  • what does onboarding at mfp. look like?
    shortly after becoming a client we’ll begin the planning process with a discovery call. if you are opening a brokerage account online--we'll still call to introduce ourselves. expect a hello at mfp.
  • what will my investment plan look like?
    investment plans are customized to an individuals needs and goals. time horizons, risk tolerance, and contribution amounts impact returns. your investment plan will rest within those parameters.
  • what is an ETF?
    an exchange traded fund (etf) is a type of security that tracks an index, sector, commodity, or other asset, which can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange in the same manner as stocks. etf share prices fluctuate all day as it is bought and sold; different than mutual funds which are traded once a day, after market closing. informational purposes only.
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