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privacy policy notice.

as a client of millennial financial planning LLC (MFP), you share both personal and financial information with us. your privacy is important to us, and we make it a top priority to safeguard such sensitive information.

at no time, does millennial financial planning LLC, our advisors, associates, or other employees, sell client or former client information to third parties. only when authorized by a client, their representative, or required by law, will we share information with non-affiliated third parties.

we may, as necessary, share personal information with outside companies in order to open or maintain accounts, open or maintain policies, complete transactions, or perform administrative services.

our privacy policy requires all client information to be held and used in strict confidence. we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure protection of personal information.

we are required by law to annually provide a notice describing our privacy policy, and promptly notify you of any changes to this policy.

please contact us with any questions about this notice.

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